Dancing From the Shadows Novel

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Summary: Tori, haunted by the verse “From those to whom much is given, much is required,” turns her back on a successful career so she and her husband Phillip can adopt two “normal” third world children.

Her 5 year old daughter Lydia is sugar-coated dynamite. Her son Gabriel is adorable, but quirky – there’s something not quite normal about him. Tori is horrified to find God has given her beloved son special needs – the one thing she told Him she couldn’t handle.

Gabe’s autism leaves Tori depressed, obsessed with helping her son and angry with God. As she struggles with Gabe’s disability, Tori’s world begins to unravel. Her church rejects them, her daughter Lydia’s resentment of her brother escalates and the school system starts playing mind games.

Will God intervene before combat-level stress, the murder/suicide of a friend and a sultry executive’s pursuit of Phillip destroy Tori’s life?


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